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Constructional Behavior Analytic Strategies

We understand that there is currently significant controversy surrounding the field of applied behavior analysis, both on the outside and inside. It's important to approach this topic with transparency and acknowledge the concerns that exist. At Eclipse Therapy, we believe in putting the individual at the center of everything we do, and that includes using a human-first lens in designing and implementing support plans.

We recognize the critical importance of evaluating and considering potential harm and workability throughout the entire duration of support. Your well-being and that of your loved ones is our utmost priority. It's crucial to trust your instincts as a support person. You know your individual best, and your input and perspective are invaluable.

The Happy Medium Approach, is a place where we embrace your unique journey towards finding meaning in life. We understand that each person's path is different, and that's why we take a human-first approach in our quest to support you.

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"DNA-V is an evidence-based model that promotes psychological strength, and that values consistent living, vitality, and success. It is designed to help people cope with challenges, stress, and change. DNA-V can be thought of as a combination of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and positive psychology, and is underpinned by contextual behavioural science. The model is continually being updated as new evidence comes in."

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Individual directed style, harnessing motivation and natural reinforcers. 

Individual directed learning naturally occurring in the context 

Using language as intervention